Nevsky Express

Hotel Nevsky Express is ideally located. It is located in the centre of Saint Petersburg, just a 2-minute walk from Moskovsky train station. In the morning guests can enjoy a continental Breakfast. Throughout the hotel offers free Wi-Fi. The rooms have a Desk and a flat-screen TV. From the Windows overlooking the Nevsky Prospekt. The standard facilities with a kettle. In addition, each room has a private bathroom with a Hairdryer. Bed linen is provided. Staff at reception can help guests plan their stay.


Actual guestrooms policies are general and can vary depending on room type. Please check up the description of your room.

Check-in 14:00
Check-out 12:00
Reservation cancellation n case of undue cancellation (less then 48 hours before the arrival time) or no-show the guest will be charged the rate of one-day stay. If it is a non-guaranteed reservation - the reservation can be canceled after 18:00. In case of booking a non-refundable rate, a booking cancellation or any amendments, the prepayment will be considered as a service for implementation of a guaranteed reservation or the payment for stay upon arrival to the guestrooms.

Terms & Conditions

Standard check-out time is 12 p.m. If If the guest is going to have the late arrival (after 18:00) the guest is kindly requested to inform the staff. The registration procedure is absolutely safe. All personal data information is encrypted and processed in a secure mode. Personal information will be used only for registration.

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